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Wine Club
The Sunset Wine Club Story

Wine has been a vital part of life in the West since the 17th century, when Spanish missionaries began planting grapes in the Southwest in the great Mediterranean tradition. That spirit of adventure and willingness to experiment have turned this part of the country into one of the most significant wine-producing areas of the world.

And food -- raised or grown right here -- has always reflected our unique, multicultural heritage. With the fact that most of the country's produce comes from the West then mix in our independent, open-minded, sky's-the-limit attitude, and it's no wonder that so many of the most popular food trends have started here.

The Best of the West

Sunset Magazine was introduced into this diverse region more than 100 years ago. Initially conceived by the Southern Pacific Railroad to inspire easterners to venture West, the magazine developed into a showcase of the region's best qualities. Today, nearly four million people rely on Sunset's tested, practical advice every month, as their convenient guide to getting the very most out of the Western lifestyle.

The Sunset Wine Club takes the publication's mission one step further. Our goal is to scout out exciting wines of the West, from Washington to California to New Mexico. But the focus is definitely not on collecting labels or dropping names, it's about popping the cork on a great bottle of wine, sipping it with good food, and creating memorable times at home with family and friends.

Your Opportunity to Expand Your Palate

Because our wines are chosen based not only on their quality and value, but also on their compatibility with good food, our selection panel includes noted experts in both: Sara Schneider, Sunset's senior wine editor and Elaine Marshall, Certified Wine Professional of the Culinary Institute of America and former wine retailer. In addition, we invite regional chefs to participate in our selection process.

It is this carefully coordinated pairing of wine and food that really sets the Sunset Wine Club apart. Our wine and food editors team up in the kitchen testing and tasting recipes for each of the wines. These dishes reflect Sunset's inventive but simple style of cooking, using the bounty of fresh foods available here in the West.

Furthering the members' total experience with wine and food is the club's quarterly newsletter. With contributions from the entire Sunset editorial staff, it provides helpful tips on picking and storing wine, finding bargains and entertaining without fuss, as well as insider information on traveling in the wine country.

Ultimately, membership in the Sunset Wine Club is all about celebrating—in a new way—that wonderfully Western sense of discovery and pride, hospitality and friendship, that we all share. We welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions.

— Sara Schneider, Wine Editor Sunset Magazine